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VLB Services

We provide our customers and partners with comprehensive services that ensure the optimal performance and longevity of our tube and plate forming solutions. Our services range from expert technical advice and personalized training programs to dedicated after-sales support, including remote and online assistance. We also offer reliable access to spare parts and consumables, and emphasize the importance of preventive maintenance for sustained operational efficiency.


Technical Feasibility Studies

Customized Technical Feasibility Studies Meeting Unique Industrial Needs and Client Specifications.


After-Sales Service

Reliable Support, Continuous Performance: VLB’s After-Sales Service – Ensuring Your Success Post-Purchase.


Virtual Assistance

Immediate Help, Advanced Technology: VLB’s Virtual Assistance – Expert Support at Your Fingertips.


Tool engineering and production

Expert Tool Engineering and Production for Consistent, High-Quality Forming Operations.


Customer Training

Efficient Customer Training for Enhanced Equipment Use, Profitability, and Autonomy.


Machine components and consumables

Optimal Efficiency, Unmatched Quality: VLB’s Spare Parts – Keeping Your Operations Running Smoothly.


Preventive Maintenance

Proactive Care, Lasting Performance: VLB’s Preventive Maintenance – Preserving the Lifespan of Your Equipment.