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Stamping Lines

VLB Group is among the world’s most experienced developers and producers of automatic sheet metal forming lines. Our custom solutions help the most demanding customers raise their production and efficiency. From coil to finish products, our bespoke sheet metal forming solutions find applications in the automotive (OEMs and suppliers), white goods, electronics, construction, and consumer goods industries.

What VLB Group’s stamping lines bring to my business?

  • High production capacity;
  • Exceptional precision in the cut with minimum deflection;
  • Increase in production performance and capacity;
  • Decrease in changing times from coil to coil;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Automated process and production;

Some of the features available:

  • Motorized uncoiller with mandrel expansion, loading car, motorized rotation, and supporting arm, up to 30 tons;
  • Press feeding system, servo feeder with straightener, with plotting;
  • Automatic mechanical punching and metal forming presses, up to 2500 tons;
  • Mechanical servo presses, up to 2500 tons;
  • Hydraulic presses, up to 1250 tons;
  • Mold lifting tables and support arms.
Developed by a highly specialized engineering department, produced by state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, and using world-level components, VLB Group special purpose automated cells can incorporate:
  • Complete production lines for blank cutting or stamping;
  • Simple or highly complex progressive tooling;
  • Servo-controlled plate feeders, standard and high-speed;
  • 2D and 3D transfer systems;
  • Tool changing systems, manual or fully automatic;
  • Stackers, palletizing, etc.

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