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Sheet Metal Forming Lines (Slitting Lines)

In the competitive world of the roll-forming industry, raw materials are one factor that reduces production costs. To increase production while lowering third-party dependence, the highly specialized team at VLB group develops and produces slitting lines.

These innovative machines guarantee the best product quality and promise the latest technology on the market. Serving various industries from automotive to electronics, and with different ranges of line thickness, VLB Group’s slitting lines are the machines that will transform your business.

What VLB Group’s stamping lines bring to my business?

  • High production capacity;
  • Exceptional precision in the cut with minimum deflection;
  • Increase in production performance and capacity;
  • Decrease in changing times from coil to coil;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Automated process and production;

Main features

  • Coil weight- up to 25 ton;
  • Strip width- up to 2m;
  • Tickness range- 0,4 to 3 mm;
  • Line working speed- 120m/min.
Developed by a highly specialized engineering department, produced by state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, and using world-level components, VLB Group special purpose slitting lines can incorporate:
  • Decoiler;
  • Entrance modules with expandable hydraulic ramps, on the on the pinchrolls and shear;
  • Hydraulic locking of the slitting blades;
  • External pre-assemble tooling station;
  • Automatic tool change;
  • Hydraulic pit ramp;
  • Double traction press;
  • Stripes coiller.

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