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Fully Electric CNC Tube Benders – EB-LR Series

The EB-CNC-LR series electric VLB bending machines with Left/Right bending head direction are equipped with the latest Electric Motion technology. The bending head has horizontal and vertical linear axes. This system offers complete freedom of movement and allows the production of very complex parts in an automatic bending cycle. This range of machines is capable of bending pipes and profiles from 6 to 32 mm with even radii up to 1D with minimal marking when equipped with the booster system.

Main features of the Fully Electric CNC Tube Benders | EB-LR Series:

  • 100% electric drive of all 9 axles;
  • Bending head with horizontal and vertical linear axis;
  • Bending clockwise and counter clockwise in automatic cycle;
  • Bending of multiple fixed and variable radii in the same cycle;
  • Quick tool change, without having to readjust;
  • High working speed and low power consumption;
  • Axis movements controlled by servo motors with absolute encoder feedback.

Loading and unloading systems

Aware of the needs of modern industry, new bending machines have been developed with a clear goal: productivity! They are completely designed and prepared for the highest production level 24/7. Mechanically, they only contain high-quality and low-maintenance components. In terms of software and hardware, they can effortlessly integrate with automatic loading and unloading systems such as tube storage, robots, or manipulators.

Evolutionary design

Our bending machines are the result of decades of experience in the world of bending. The user experience of thousands of customers worldwide has resulted in unique application-oriented solutions for these machines. We facilitate human-machine "communication", using visual status indicators and warning messages. We improve operating comfort, preventative maintenance, and corrective actions and increase the safety of the operator and equipment.      

Easy integration

The vertical and horizontal movements contribute to the wide range of movement of the bending head. If necessary, deflect the head so that the positioning carriage advances beyond its normal limits. This feature is particularly important to facilitate integration with automatic loading and unloading systems.

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