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“Persevere, innovate, and be willing to accept changes while reacting quickly”

The world is constantly changing, and the last five years have shown us how uncertain and unpredictable times can be! In business, as in life, we must persevere, innovate, and be willing to accept changes while reacting quickly! One of the…

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Roll-forming Lines for Solar Industry Farms

Surprisingly, or not, the oil and gas-rich countries of the Middle East are making greater investments in solar industry farms. Over recent years, the search for solar projects as renewable energy solutions has gained followers and investors. It’s not difficult to…

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Robots Vs. Cobots- What’s the Future?

The world is constantly changing, with more and more technological paths to be discovered, full of opportunities and solutions. Like other businesses, the metalworking industry needs to reinvent itself to keep up with this growth. The new technological paths, applied to…

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The Latest Developments in Tube Bending Industry

In precision manufacturing, tube bending technology has witnessed remarkable advancements in the past years. As industries demand more complex and accurate designs, the evolution of tube bending methods and equipment plays a crucial role in meeting these demands. From automation and…

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Electric CNC Tube Bender with Rotative Head for Metallic Furniture

Spain is a country with a high reputation in the production of consumer goods. In the middle of the 20th Century, when WWII is over, there was a need for changes in the economic situation.  The bet was on industrialization. This…

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Automotive Industry Acquires Bending Machine

Data from the organization Portugal in shows that the automotive sector is responsible for 4% of the European GDP and provides jobs for 12 million people. Each year, the EU, manufactures 19.2 million cars, vans, trucks, and buses. Portugal is at…

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Large Tube Forming Machine

One of the main national groups with a strong international projection, present in more than 15 countries, recognized VLB’s technical capacity for the development and supply of large-sized tube forming systems. The EF155X end-forming machines are capable to reduce pipe diameters…

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Electric Tube Bender for Automotive

VLB electric tube bender machines have the most advanced technology and the highest performance in the market. Created from scratch in the middle of the industrial revolution 4.0, they incorporate all the latest features and developments. The technical value and evolution…

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